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JUNE 2017

June 18 - “Get Off That Camel”
by Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins
Affirmation: "The dreams of my heart lead me back to God.”

June 11 - “Envisioning the Best, Leads to the Rest”
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: “I envision building a world of peace on a foundation of Love.”

June 4 - “What I can Conceive and Believe, I can Achieve”
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: “I embrace my Power to Imagine. I conceive, believe, and achieve.”

MAY 2017
May 28 - “You are the Master of Your Destiny”
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "“I am master of my thoughts, words, and actions. I master myself, respect myself, and hold myself accountable.” (Divine Audacity)

May 21 - "Divine Audacity: Using Your Power"
by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett
Affirmation: "Today I will accept the truth about myself. I will arise in glory and allow the light in me to shine upon the world today. ACIM."

May 14 - "A Mother’s Power"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I am grateful for my mother."

May 7 - "The Power of Your Word"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I use the Power of my Word to create the change I wish to see in the world."

April 2017
April 30 - "Let Go, Let Love"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I Let Go, and Let Love Flow!”

April 23 - "Valuing Love"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "Of all the attributes of God – of all the powers that each human being possesses, the greatest is love!”

April 16 - "Christ Love: is it really so different?"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I claim the Christ Love that dwells within me. I Am Christ Love!”

April 9 - "Practicing loving kindness"
by Rev. Carrie Kenyon
Affirmation: "I Am the harmonizing power of Love.”

April 2 - "Living as the Love that you are"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I live the Love that I Am by responding with Love.”

March 2017
March 26 - "”E” is for Enough"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I am one in all there is – in faith, strength, and Wisdom.”

March 19 - "”S” is for Spirit"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I awaken to Spirit, I am Blessed and a Blessing.”

March 12 - "”I” is for Isness"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I accept things as they are. I have the courage to be.”

March 5 - "”W” is for Wish"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "My wish is my command; and I take the first step to be the change I want to see. That’s wisdom.”

February 2017
February 26 - "The Strength of Peas"
by Rev. Jeniffer
Affirmation: "I have the strength to do all that? is mine to do.”

February 19 - "Strength in Kindness"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I increase my inner strength one kindness at a time.”

February 12 - "My Strength Lies Within, not Without"
by Rev. Jackie
Affirmation: "I AM strong, and I increase my strength as I trust in the divine power that lies within me.”

February 5 - "The Poetry of Peace:A Gospel According to Langston Hughes"
by Rev. Jackie, Robert Hartley, & Kelly Potter-Schell
Affirmation: "I dream a shared dream of freedom and prosperity for everyone.”

January 2017

January 29 - "The Faith to Live our Dreams in 2017"

Affirmation: "With Faith I free myself from limited thinking, and I live my dreams in 2017”

January 22 - "All Twelve Divine Powers are Yours"

Affirmation: “I’ve got the Power of Faith"

January 8 - "Creating a New Life: White Stone Ceremony & Letter to Self"
by Rev. Diana Kennedy
Affirmation: “I live from a deeper awareness of my inner truth and my life is amazing!”

January 1 - "I Release and Let Go: allowing Truth to guide my life"

Affirmation: “I release and let go; and I open my mind and heart to a new way of being in the world in 2017.”

December 2016

December 25 - "Christmas Candle Lighting Service"

December 11 - "Love: Living is for Loving"

Affirmation: “We are the Love and the Light, here to glorify humanity.”

December 4 - "Peace: Living from the Peace within"

Affirmation: “I bring Peace to the world by living from the Peace within my Heart.”

November 2016

November 27 - "Faith: Living by Faith"

Affirmation: “I live by Faith, and I know nothing is impossible.”

November 20 - "Gratitude: let us be grateful for what we have"

Affirmation: “I am grateful for what I have; and from this consciousness, I prosper.”

November 13 - "Gratitude: a Gift for Healing"

Affirmation: “I am grateful, and from this consciousness, I am healed."

November 6 - "Everything sacred;nothing serious"
by Ned Kelley
Affirmation: “I am grateful for every sacred moment,none too seriously."

October 2016

October 30 - "Light at the Door"
Affirmation: “I am the Light at the Door."

October 23 - "It’s Hell in the Hallway”
"no sound first couple of minutes of the slide show due to technical issues"
Affirmation: “I take all the good I can from this hallway experience before I open the door."

October 16 - "Life’s Big Transitions: In Between"
by Rev. Dr. Karren Scapple
Affirmation: “I have no fear. Change is an Opportunity in my life."

October 9 - "Life’s Big Transitions: Endings"
"missing Rev Jackie's talk this week due to technical issues, providing slides from talk instead"
Affirmation: “I embrace change; and welcome the birth of New Beginnings in my life."

October 2 - "Life’s Big Transitions: Births"
Affirmation: “I embrace change; and welcome the birth of New Beginnings in my life."

September 2016

September 25 - "Live, Laugh, and Heal!"

September 18 - "Each Day you Heal from Something"
Affirmation: “I claim my indwelling spirit of healing love, life and light and I am grateful!”

September 11 - "How and When Do We Heal from Tragedy: A Q&A Forum"
Affirmation: “I remember the truth of Divine love, and I promote healing within myself and the world.”

September 4 - “Healing: To Thine Own Self be True”
Affirmation: “I believe in myself; I am open and receptive to the stream of healing life.”

August 2016

August 7 - “How do we Know what is True?”
Affirmation: “I follow the guidance of spirit; that is where I find my truth.”

August 14 - “Spiritual Improv: Playing is Praying”
by Ned Kelley
Affirmation: “I embrace playing as praying and find oneness through fun-ness!”

August 21 - How do we know what is sacred?”
Affirmation: “I am committed to creating and living in sacred service.”

August 28 - How do we know what is Divine Order?”
Affirmation: “I use each situation to bring forth divine order.”

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